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Hi. I’m Annisa, a copywriter born in Indonesia, raised in Montreal, bred in Melbourne/Bali & currently living in Singapore.

I write and build things to help articulate people’s thoughts*.

Things = brand stories, content strategy, web copy, concept development, UX writing, impact reports, email marketing copy, taglines, packaging copy, product descriptions, brochures, signage, tone of voice guides, editorial content, scripts, manifestos, you name it.

Poetry, even.

(Annisa Dharma)


*I’m a copywriter and content strategist who shapes outcomes through the telling of story. Previously a digital producer at Today Design, senior editor at Time Out Jakarta, and graphic designer at large.

Sometimes, these people are giants like Google, cult brands like KeepCup, NGOs like Greenpeace & sometimes it’s my mom.
Always, these people are progressive 🌈 thinkers &
purpose-powered doers 🦄.

Does that sound like you?


Things (selected work)

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